Saturday, July 29, 2006
FROG it all!!!!!
So, I'm in town at my parent's house, and we just figured out how to get my computer on the 'net. I've made a very sad decision - I'm frogging the whole sleeve. Believe me, I'm crying about it, too. It's just too large. It's practically baggy! With a fitted body, it just wouldn't look right. Hence, the frog.
I went to the craft store and got a few balls of Sugar n' Cream (since they didn't have Peaches & Creme) and worked up a few of those Ballband Dishclothes that everyone is so enamored of lately. I needed something I could start and finish quickly so I wouldn't get so discouraged/feel so bad about starting over on Tubey.
On another note, due to certian squirmy, early-rising persons, I was awake to see the sunrise at the edge of a very stormy sky, and I had to get a picture. Sadly, I don't have my camera cable with me, so the Saturday Sky just gets this description 'til I can get my piccies loaded.
I started a KAL, Show Me Your Muff. I'm going to have to buy yarn for this! I have nothing of a stash. I do, however have a very nice Landscapes color that I want to get more of. I may just do that.