Tuesday, August 29, 2006
You're Kidding!!
10 bucks a day??? A DAY!!! I was prepared. I brought my computer, my cables, my camera. But internet access at our hotel was 10 bucks a day. Sorry, I don't think I'll be blogging for that price. No, thank you.
Well, anyway, I did a good bit of knitting on the trip - both in the car and the hotel room. I am such a project h0r, though. I brought some cotton for dishcloths, my mercerized cotton to make the Promenade bag, and I managed to go to a yarn shop and finally get the right kind of yarn for Tubey. Well, I used up the two balls of Sonata that I brought for Promenade. I started two different warshrags, and once I got the Tubey yarn, I cast on for that. I also have like three projects in my mind.
I finished one warshrag for my swap partner, but I didn't like the way if came out, so I did another one last night. I like this one much better, came out nicer, more like something I would be ok with giving to someone else. Of course, no pictures of that until my partner gets it.

I finished my Promenade bag two days ago (yes, I've been home for a while) once I got back to my stash. It's wider and shorter, and still needs the handles, but other than that... :) I really like how it came out. I ordered some gorgeous natural rattan handles off ebay, they should be here in a few days, hopefully by then end of the week.

Ahh, can't forget about Saturday Sky. Here's the pic from this Saturday. We got back on Friday, but MathMan and Miss MonkeyToes were sick, so I don't feel guilty about neglecting the blog.
So I tried to like Flickr, but I guess I'm just a Google girl, so I signed up for Picasa. I definitely prefer it., and it's got a web version in beta testing. So that's what I'm gonna be using from now on.
Sunday, August 20, 2006
Saturday sky - a day late

I swear I took this yesterday, but it was 8:45. I was in a scramble yesterday. The house was a mess, I was packing for our trip up to Denver (we're leaving tomorrow before sunrise!) and the realtor calls and says that he's showing the house...in half an hour!!! I hadn't even taken a shower yet! It was a mad scramble to get me dressed, MMT dressed, and everything cleaned and straighented. To top it all off, the downstairs has developed an odor. I'm not sure what it is, but part of it reminds me of old nicotine. If someone did come through and smoke, it would be dissipating, not intensifing. I've checked every nook and crevass that I possibly can, nothing. It's really bothering me.
Dropping that, and on to knitting content. I finished a warshrag last night, but I can't share. It's for a swap partner, so no piccies. But I'm very proud of how it looks, so when she gets it, there'll be pictures.
Friday, August 18, 2006
Party Time
So my friend just recently learned to crochet , and now she wants to learn to knit. What does that mean to her? A Stitch and Tea Party! Oddly enough, I'm going to be teaching a bit of both - crochet tips and tricks, and knitting. How is it that I became the authority on yarn in my circle of friends?
**Yay! I just got an email from my laceswap partner that she got my package! Yay! She's going to post about it tomorrow at CatKnits**
So, anyway, my friend is having a party. Yummy tea, fun fiber, and oh, yeah - we're going to the LYS first. Twice in one week.....what's come over me? Whoops, did I not mention that I already went two days ago? Could it be because I got some swapp-y things that I don't yet wish to share? Though, I did get myself some Lorna's Laces in Jungle Stripe, as well as some DPNs and cable needles...what was left in the bag is going unnamed until the recipient gets it.
I'm currently at my parent's house again (wanted to have social interaction...and not wind up talking to the trees...) and I actually remembered to bring both my camera and cable! Yay for me!
I'm making good progress on the socks, considering I can only work on them a total of about an hour per day. I just finished turning the heel, again. I didn't do the math right, and it wound up being about a half inch too short. Woe as me. But I just finished the second time, and I need to try them on again to see if I managed it this time. I did a short row heel, and after fighting with the wraps the first time, I decided not to pick them up as I finished the turn. I don't notice much of a difference, except that the yarn didn't get as fuzzy from me overworking it.
Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Evil Yarn
Don't get me wrong - I'm so not a yarn snob. I'm totally fine using man-made fiber. Readily available, easily cleanable, and cheap. There's even some pretty neat and soft ones out there. However, this?This would be the evil Red Heart my husband chose for his Linux Illusion Scarf. This is the same super scratchy, calling to be made into a hideous granny square afghan stuff that your mother bought for you to learn with due to it's super cheapness factor. And all MathMan kept saying was that he wanted greyscale. Yecch!
Saturday, August 12, 2006
Saturday Sky
Taken from my upstairs porch at 8pm, and edited to remove the neighbor's house.
Yummy Goodness
So, I've started my first sock. I'm using Judy's magic cast on for toe up socks with the Koigu that I got last month. I now understand the obsession with socks, after just two inches of this. Tiny, perfect stitches, and something that you know will be used, possibly used up. It just grows, and grows, working up so quickly with those eentsy stitches. I may become obsessed.In other news....I love Elann.com. I placed an order on Wednesday, and received it on Friday! It's Sonata mercerized cotton for the next reincarnation of Tubey. Enough for my sweater and MMT's, for under 50 bucks!! I was going to go for wool, but I do live in the desert. I don't want anything too warm, and I'll be able to wear cotton for longer. Yay.
I've also worked about two inches of the Hoover blanket. No pictures, though. It still looks the same. I figure I'll plug away and get two to four inches done per week, then maybe I'll get it done in time for cold weather.
I managed to get two coats of paint on my bedroom walls by two o'clock that evening. I've let it cure for a few days, and I'm going to get the trim either today or tomorrow. I"m really liking the color on the wall - just a burnt cream/light tan neutral-y color, but it really helps. I hate stark white. The trim is a simple ivory color. I can't wait to get it done - hubbs is going to put up a crown molding. Strange how when you're trying to sell you actually manage to get around to doing the things that you've been planning to do for so long.

*edited to add links, cause there should be links*
Thursday, August 10, 2006
So, I'm painting my bedroom today. In preparation, I'm cleaning all the nooks and corners, and I find a bag with the Hoover blanket in it. I had completely forgotten about it. Whoops. Better get cracking, don't want to start another washrag just for the heck of it....
I went on a shopping spree the other day. I ordered some yarn from Elann.com to start the next generation of Tubey, and some yarn and patterns from Knitpicks. Can't wait for it to come in.
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Bento, take two
Today's bento:

I'm quite proud of this one. Had more time to put things together. I made some onigiri, stuffed with teriyaki tuna (gotta make something MathMan will actually eat...) I made a little egg chick, and cut his string cheese into octopi. not exceedingly traditional, but I'm proud, like I said.
I got my first spam comment today. I guess I'm doing well. Now I just have to get off my lazy rear and figure out how to prevent/delete them.
I also figured out Bloglines today. Makes life easier, what with the notifier and all. Well, I gotta go, Miss Monkey-Toes calls.
Monday, August 07, 2006
giving up
That's it. Tubey is dead. Over. Finis. At least in this incarnation. I've knit and frogged and knit and frogged more times than I care to remember. I'm just not liking the yarn I've chosen. Maybe it's because I got some of the cheapest stuff I could find. I thought it would look great in a plush, but it hid all of the texture of the rib, and when I knit it in stockinette it had no stretch. So I'm trashing that project for now.
However, I think the plush would be nice for the muff. After all, the pattern is for stash leftovers.

Tonight I made a yummy yellow curry with chicken. I've been inspired by Cooking Cute, and decided to start practicing bento production on hubbs. This is a vary basic first attempt, but it's just a regular divided rubbermaid, and I didn't have many supplies. I'm going to order a mold and try to make some onigiri, and tomorrow I'm going to boil some eggs to carve up. I just think it would be great to have a cute collection of bento along with a little practice for when MMT goes to school. Granted, I'm starting early, but it's just so cute!!
Hubbs brought me flowers and a card today for our anniversary. Two gerber daisies, my favorite. It was a nice suprise considering we already celebrated.
Sunday, August 06, 2006
Finally home
So, I'm finally home. I actually took a picture of the sky yesterday (make that two) but I didn't get the chance to post. I can finally post my pictures! First, the Saturday Sky from a week ago:And then pics of FOs, the two dishcloths. I can see why people like these so much. I'm becoming addicted. They only take a few hours, and no blocking! I've finished another one, but it may become presents for family members, so no picture posts.

Lastly, the pictures from the drive to dinner last night. I couldn't choose, so you get both.

Our second wedding anniversary is tomorrow night, so we went out to dinner last night. These pictures are from the car. I was just amazed at how gorgeous the sky was!
Thursday, August 03, 2006
Why can't I get my computer to connect regularly when I'm not at home? Is it because my husband is a techno geek and changes massive wierd settings? I don't know what to change and what not to. And when I ask, I get a detailed explaination of what each does and who named it and how many people use it, etc, so there's no way I can remember what to do the next time. I'm not that computer illeterate, but he makes me feel like I'm still learning my a-b-d's. :P
So, let's not dewll on my lack of savvy, and get straight to update-land. I went to a baseball game on Saturday night. How do people do the "Stitch & Pitch" stuff?? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a baseball fan, so I had no interest in the game. I brought yarn and needles, so it wasn't that I was lacking there. It's the seats. They cram those seats in there so tightly you're practically sitting on your neighbor's lap, or in my case, they in mine. The phrase elbow room is laughed right out of the stadium. And to top it all off, those seats are TINY! I have a fairly ample bottom, not overly large, but definitely not as teeny as the media seems to think we should all have, and I was squished. Plastic seats aren't the latest in comfort technology, especially when they are molded to the smallest butt they could find. In all, not a very enjoyable evening, even though the drunk guy sitting behind me managed to miss my open bag with yarn by mere millimeters with his flying beer.
I'm still at my parent's, and still without my camera cable, so there are still no pictures available to post. Don't worry, though. Once I get home, this blog will be overrun with pixel prettiness.
Lessee, what else do I need to update on? Oh, I joined another swap. The MDK Dishcloth swap. I'll post the link and image later. Tubey is going along well. Still just a little black blob. But it will happen, dammit! So says I.
The Harlot came to 'Burque last week, but it happened to be on the day that MMT got her vaccines, so I couldn't go. I had a pout fest, right until Monkey-toes got a fever, then I forgot all about it.
I have a question for the two people who read this blog - I was on my mom's computer and noticed that my layout is really funky. Do you see the sidebar with all the links to the right, or is it WAAAY under all the posts? It's looked fine on other computers, but I've only checked on three so far.
Well, I'm off to get MMT (who is feeling much better now) dressed. I'm going swap shopping today!! :D