Thursday, August 03, 2006
Why can't I get my computer to connect regularly when I'm not at home? Is it because my husband is a techno geek and changes massive wierd settings? I don't know what to change and what not to. And when I ask, I get a detailed explaination of what each does and who named it and how many people use it, etc, so there's no way I can remember what to do the next time. I'm not that computer illeterate, but he makes me feel like I'm still learning my a-b-d's. :P
So, let's not dewll on my lack of savvy, and get straight to update-land. I went to a baseball game on Saturday night. How do people do the "Stitch & Pitch" stuff?? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a baseball fan, so I had no interest in the game. I brought yarn and needles, so it wasn't that I was lacking there. It's the seats. They cram those seats in there so tightly you're practically sitting on your neighbor's lap, or in my case, they in mine. The phrase elbow room is laughed right out of the stadium. And to top it all off, those seats are TINY! I have a fairly ample bottom, not overly large, but definitely not as teeny as the media seems to think we should all have, and I was squished. Plastic seats aren't the latest in comfort technology, especially when they are molded to the smallest butt they could find. In all, not a very enjoyable evening, even though the drunk guy sitting behind me managed to miss my open bag with yarn by mere millimeters with his flying beer.
I'm still at my parent's, and still without my camera cable, so there are still no pictures available to post. Don't worry, though. Once I get home, this blog will be overrun with pixel prettiness.
Lessee, what else do I need to update on? Oh, I joined another swap. The MDK Dishcloth swap. I'll post the link and image later. Tubey is going along well. Still just a little black blob. But it will happen, dammit! So says I.
The Harlot came to 'Burque last week, but it happened to be on the day that MMT got her vaccines, so I couldn't go. I had a pout fest, right until Monkey-toes got a fever, then I forgot all about it.
I have a question for the two people who read this blog - I was on my mom's computer and noticed that my layout is really funky. Do you see the sidebar with all the links to the right, or is it WAAAY under all the posts? It's looked fine on other computers, but I've only checked on three so far.
Well, I'm off to get MMT (who is feeling much better now) dressed. I'm going swap shopping today!! :D