Monday, October 22, 2007
Aww dun!
I had tried, SEVERAL times, to turn this yarn (both skeins) into *something*. First was my attempt at the Gothic Leaf Stole. Too variegated. (Can you even tell that's lace?)
Then I tried socks, about three different versions. I'll spare you the pictures of those. (Mostly since there aren't any. I was too ashamed.)
Finally? I decided to attempt overdying. I had been playing with the idea of Kool-Aid dyeing for quite some time, and seeing this at the top of the basket every day, combined with the sale on the drink mix at the local grocery, determined that now was the correct time. Armed with grape (and some lime, to take the edge off,) I began. And I tell you now I love it!
First picture is in direct sunlight, and is truest to color. The second picture is a little washed out, and with the flash, but shows the variation in color that resulted. Isn't it just....yummy? Smells good, too.... Kinda makes me crave something....what could it be....ah-ha! Grape Kool-Aid! (Alright, I know, bad joke, but it's 10:15 after a long day. Give me a break.)

Oh, and this last picture? This is proof that taking yarn photos in indirect natural light is not always the best way to do it. >ppphhhtt<


Sunday, October 21, 2007
Wish me luck!

Also? Please ignore the dirty dishes. The picture came before the washing.....


Sunday, October 07, 2007
Come shop the stash with me.....
I'm getting so sick of knitting nothing but socks. I need a quick pick-me-up, something on larger than threes (but no fours, that's one size I manage to not have save in 4" DPNs) and not taking more than a day or two to make, but something that isn't socks!!! I've got Eunny's Endpapers (I'm so not linking that. If you don't know Eunny or her Endpapers, then I would like to purchase rental time under your rock to soothe my overworked brain.) to make (out of alpaca/cashmere and alpaca/silk, yum) but I don't want to hold a size 1 for at least a day, and I have Cherie Amour, which is tempting - silk/merino bulky - but I'm reigning myself in and not casting that on until all the giftie socks are done. (I'm seeming to like the parentheses today, eh?) The giftie list *is* growing, but the socks are the only things that *must* be done. Everything else can just be whenever. I have Cadenza for a baby boy's sweater vest, and have you ever felt Cadenza?? Buttery soft, and superwash to boot! I may do that, though it is in the not necessary giftie pile. But I have to work out the pattern on that one myself, and I haven't measured the baby yet, so that's a no go. I have some self striping Socka (no. 12) that called my name a few days ago, but again with the no socks/teeny needles thing.
-UGH!!! It ate over half my post!!!-
So, I think I said something about really wanting to do Extermiknit, but that's not good vacation/plane knitting. Yeah, didn't I mention? San Antonio for a week, leave early Tuesday. Don't ask me why I'm not packing or cleaning (I like to come home to a clean house.) I could work on MS3, which stalled out about halfway through clue 4, but I misplaced my crochet needle and I'm not going to just stop the beading this far in. For some reason, though I tend to work lace on smaller needles, the thought of it doesn't make my already clawlike hands ache. I'm not going to cast on any new lace, though. One of those projects at a time is enough, no matter how much I love it. I have quite a few things I could use for a BSJ, but I won't have access to a copier and I'm not bringing originals or books with. I'll probably be good and just cast on for the last of the two giftie socks. They are in sport weight, and size threes will feel nice after such a long stint with US0s and 1s. Well, I finally got ahold of a way to watch Blackpool, so I'm just going to go console myself with David Tennant while I do mindless stockinette in the round. Wish me luck.
Did I mention that I've finished the plain tan socks? Yeah, the last two socks will have 2x2 rib throughout, at the very least.

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