Monday, October 22, 2007
Aww dun!
I had tried, SEVERAL times, to turn this yarn (both skeins) into *something*. First was my attempt at the Gothic Leaf Stole. Too variegated. (Can you even tell that's lace?)
Then I tried socks, about three different versions. I'll spare you the pictures of those. (Mostly since there aren't any. I was too ashamed.)
Finally? I decided to attempt overdying. I had been playing with the idea of Kool-Aid dyeing for quite some time, and seeing this at the top of the basket every day, combined with the sale on the drink mix at the local grocery, determined that now was the correct time. Armed with grape (and some lime, to take the edge off,) I began. And I tell you now I love it!
First picture is in direct sunlight, and is truest to color. The second picture is a little washed out, and with the flash, but shows the variation in color that resulted. Isn't it just....yummy? Smells good, too.... Kinda makes me crave something....what could it be....ah-ha! Grape Kool-Aid! (Alright, I know, bad joke, but it's 10:15 after a long day. Give me a break.)

Oh, and this last picture? This is proof that taking yarn photos in indirect natural light is not always the best way to do it. >ppphhhtt<