Sunday, August 20, 2006
Saturday sky - a day late

I swear I took this yesterday, but it was 8:45. I was in a scramble yesterday. The house was a mess, I was packing for our trip up to Denver (we're leaving tomorrow before sunrise!) and the realtor calls and says that he's showing the half an hour!!! I hadn't even taken a shower yet! It was a mad scramble to get me dressed, MMT dressed, and everything cleaned and straighented. To top it all off, the downstairs has developed an odor. I'm not sure what it is, but part of it reminds me of old nicotine. If someone did come through and smoke, it would be dissipating, not intensifing. I've checked every nook and crevass that I possibly can, nothing. It's really bothering me.
Dropping that, and on to knitting content. I finished a warshrag last night, but I can't share. It's for a swap partner, so no piccies. But I'm very proud of how it looks, so when she gets it, there'll be pictures.
Blogger Wendy said...
Ansley, I am a day late posting my goodies. Thank you again for everything!! Have a safe trip.

Blogger eLIZabeth said...
Enjoyed reading your posts. I am randomizing around Saturday's post and came upon your site. *smile*
Have a great day.