Tuesday, August 29, 2006
You're Kidding!!
10 bucks a day??? A DAY!!! I was prepared. I brought my computer, my cables, my camera. But internet access at our hotel was 10 bucks a day. Sorry, I don't think I'll be blogging for that price. No, thank you.
Well, anyway, I did a good bit of knitting on the trip - both in the car and the hotel room. I am such a project h0r, though. I brought some cotton for dishcloths, my mercerized cotton to make the Promenade bag, and I managed to go to a yarn shop and finally get the right kind of yarn for Tubey. Well, I used up the two balls of Sonata that I brought for Promenade. I started two different warshrags, and once I got the Tubey yarn, I cast on for that. I also have like three projects in my mind.
I finished one warshrag for my swap partner, but I didn't like the way if came out, so I did another one last night. I like this one much better, came out nicer, more like something I would be ok with giving to someone else. Of course, no pictures of that until my partner gets it.

I finished my Promenade bag two days ago (yes, I've been home for a while) once I got back to my stash. It's wider and shorter, and still needs the handles, but other than that... :) I really like how it came out. I ordered some gorgeous natural rattan handles off ebay, they should be here in a few days, hopefully by then end of the week.

Ahh, can't forget about Saturday Sky. Here's the pic from this Saturday. We got back on Friday, but MathMan and Miss MonkeyToes were sick, so I don't feel guilty about neglecting the blog.
So I tried to like Flickr, but I guess I'm just a Google girl, so I signed up for Picasa. I definitely prefer it., and it's got a web version in beta testing. So that's what I'm gonna be using from now on.
Blogger Elizabeth said...
I got my swapcloth stuff! Thanks so much. I absolutely adore everything. CASHMERE!! Who cares if it's a blend? I couldn't be happier. Thanks for being a great pal. :)