Thursday, July 20, 2006
I went into the city for a few days again. The dreaded dentist appointmet...episode two. Can I just say how upset I am? I did't get cavities until I was 20. Yesterday's appointment was to repair three old fillings. I am 26. Shouldn't a filling last more than six years? The only good thing is that they managed to fit me in for my cleaning right after, so I don't have to worry about going back next week. No more dentist for six months, at least.
So, after a day like that, I decided that I deserved a treat. I headed off to my (semi) LYS, and splurged. I got the How to Knit Vintage Socks book, a package of needles, and some sock yarn - the mysterious Koigu that everyone talks about. I had to get someone to help me, what with the inexpierence and the never knitting with DPNs or on soocks before. There was quite a bit of sock yarn to choose from, but the Koigu was just so purr-t-ful. I figured that if I'm going to make socks, I have to like the yarn. And I do. Really. :)

I didn't manage to get anything done on Tubey. Too many other things that needed doing. But now that I'm back home, I'm sure that I can get cranking on this thing. I'm determined to get it done in time for cold weather, and I want to make one for MMT, too. How cute would that be, matching mommy-daughter sweaters! I think my head's gonna implode from the cuteness factor...I've gotta go work on this thing now!! I leave you with images of my trip back home.