Monday, July 17, 2006
Someone pointed out to me yesterday that my daughter should actually be Madamoiselle Monkey Toes. I don't think it sounds as good. So it's Miss Monkey Toes from now on.
MMT is on my lap kicking away at my keyboard as I type here, so don't be suprised at any grammatical or spelling errors. (They are one of my pet peeves.)
I managed to get a bit more of Tubey done yesterday. About 15 rows past the first sleeve join. There's nothing new to see - it's still just a black blob when I take a picture, so still none to post. I've found that when I work with the yarn for any given amount of time that the black rubs off on my skin. It's easy to tell how I wrap my yarn when I'm done.
I have to go pack for a visit into town. I have another hideously enjoyable dentist appointment on Wednesday. Quel Lucky me. Well, I'm off to do that packing. Adieu.