Sunday, September 24, 2006
(Finished) Objects in Space
First up, my first completed sock. I finished the first of two River Rapids. I really like how it came out, now I just have to cast on for the second sock. Sadly, I don't see it happening soon - Miss Monkey Toes has gotten a good deal more squirmy, and those size twos are mighty pointy, so I'm not going to be knitting them very much for a little bit.

Next, is a tea cozy I knitted for a friend out of Patons SWS. Hopefully she doesn't see the blog before I give it to her, but I don't think I'm going to have to worry about that. I tried to make it with the pocket for scents, but it curled up far too much and I had to sew it down so the teapot would sit flat.

Last, I have some fun fiber I got in the mail from MaryKay. Ten skiens of Rowanspun in Jade, and ten in Temptation. Goody, goody! Ahh, stash enhancement! I think I'm going to try to make a pair of Knucks out of two strands held together.

I've also got a bunch of different dishcloths done in blue and white for the mil, but I don't have them handy for a piccie. One I did in the Chinese Waves pattern, twisting the slipped stitches, and my right ring finger is still numb from how tight a knit it was.

I guess I'll finish up by confessing my guilt - I didn't take a picture for Saturday Sky. I did look at the sky, but there was just too much stuff to do that every time I thought about taking a picture, something would come up that needed to be taken care of right away. By the time that I had the ability to snap a shot, it was waaaay past dark. I'll make up for it next week.