Saturday, September 16, 2006
Please Mister Postman look and see....
After years and years of waiting (well, it seemed like it anyways) I got a swap package!!!
From Bare Fiber, etc.

On the way home last night, MathMan stopped to get the mail and what did I spy in the box? A package key! Was it going to be a phonebook, Rxs from the mail order company, or...something else? It was my swapcloth package from KatieB!!! (Sadly, I don't know if she has a blog.) She made me two warshrags in gorgeous colors, and threw in a cute little knitting notecard, a knitting basket scrapbook embellishment, and two adorable knitting charms! (Oddly enough, I had been looking unsuccessfully for knitting charms in a jewelry catalog the day before! KatieB, you're a mindreader!) Thanks so much for everything!!! And I didn't even notice it was a recipe card, it was so cute!
I'm almost through the instep of River Rapids sock #1, and I'm on the second sleeve of Tubey. I've also been working on a new washcloth today, but I have no pictures for you. MissMonkeyToes hasn't felt wonderful today, and let me tell you just how long it takes to type up an entry lefthanded and without waking up a sleeping baby in your arms.
I leave you with Saturday Sky from out the window earlier this evening.

From Saturday Sky
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Yeah! I'm glad you like it.