Saturday, October 21, 2006
I can't believe it!
Two pics of the Saturday Sky, and on Saturday, too!! These were taken at about 5:30 this afternoon, but Blogger wasn't letting me in so you get them now. I couldn't decide between these two, one is over the roof, and the other is away from the house.

I apologize now about this, but I have to get on a soapbox for just a second. Feel free to stop reading anytime you wish, but I've got to get this out. MathMan, MissMonkeyToes and I had lunch with some friends today, friends that we really haven't seen since MMT was born. MissX, as I will call her, doesn't like children, at all. She has dogs, if it doesn't have four legs, she doesn't like it. Well, today at lunch, MMT wasn't in a great mood, I had woken her up from her nap, and it was past time for a second one as it was. MathMan takes her and walks her outside so I could finish my meal, and MissX decided to tell me how to raise my own daughter. It made me furious, but I didn't say anything for the sake of civility. When you successfully raise happy, well-adjusted, successful children, then I *may* ask for your advice on some component, but don't presume to tell me how to raise my child when you can't even keep your dog from jumping on me or begging right at my elbow. I don't think I'll be spending any friendly time with her anytime soon, I don't think I could hold my tongue a second time. /soapbox rant
Blogger Magatha said...
Beautiful sky!

Oh, and there are some people in the world who think they know everything. They don't. ;-)

Blogger Pooch said...
Good for you! You handled the situation in the best way possible. There is the need to vent after an experience like that! It's sad too when we realize that a friendship is disappointing as in this incident.

Onward and upward!