Monday, October 16, 2006
I don't like Mondays
Saturday sky:Taken outside my parent's house during an evening walk with MissMonkeyToes.

I've been busy knitting away on the second Twiggy purse. I've been down at my parent's house for a few days. I had another trip to the dentist due to a toothache. Luckily I didn't need a root canal. Apparently I've been grinding my teeth when I sleep, an putting maor pressure on on of my molars. A little grinding down of my tooth and a nightguard later, and all is well.
What's this? Could it be my very first lace project ever? Why, it is! The yarn is the merino/silk handpainted I got from my laceswapr partner, and the pattern is Sarcelle. I'm loving working on this, but due to the squirmyness, yet neediness of MMT, I'm not able to do much more than a row or two at a time. I'm working on a size smaller needle than called. Getting to the LYS is a difficult thing for me to do, and when I went I grabbed the wrong size, so there it is. It's probably denser than it should be, but I like the way it's looking. I may throw in another set of repeats in the increase section to make it a bit wider, but otherwise I'm forseeing sticking to the pattern. (Sorry about the poor picture quality, MMT was asleep on one arm, so I was taking the picture with one hand.)

So, I've been thinking about the list of five. Lets take a look at where things stand right now:
1. socks - Aran braid socks for my mother
2. lace - Sarcelle
3. a sweater - Tubey
4. a gift project, or something else that's small, quick, or not for me or MathMan - Twiggy #2, Knucks
5. a simple, portable project, like a washcloth - River Rapids Sock
6. one afghan