Sunday, January 14, 2007
Catching up
So, I've done some major catching up today. MathMan took MissMonkeyToes (I need to find that girly a shorter nickname...) this morning, and I got caught up on her blog, so now I can truly focus on a real post for this blog. (BTW, I'm so excited I'm telling everyone I can: MMT cut her first tooth last night!!!!)
So, in knitting, the FIL scarf is still not done. Could it be the colors? That hideous mix of orange, black and white? Could it be the yarn? That hideous acrylic? Me, I think it's a combination of both. But I plod along. (Oh, and aside, I came close to finishing nothing for christmas, so all handknits became birthday gifts.) My dad's trigger finger mittens are almost finished. He was going on a hunt this weekend, so he was going to get them early. I knitted a blister into my hand finishing them, then the day he was supposed to leave, he tells me that it's been canceled. Worse than if I knitted like mad and didn't finish them. So, they need half a thumb and some ends woven in. He's getting them in two weeks.
As it turns out, I am turning into a choco-holic (yes, I'm going somewhere with this, bear with me.) Before pregnancy, I would have preferred Smarties to a chocolate bar, but now, it could be the worst quality chocolate out there, and I. Want. It. So, the MIL and I were talking about chocolate. The highest quality she's ever had is Hershey's. I, of course, had to extol the virtues of Dove. Sooooo creamy.... sorry, channeling Homer J there. So, MIL is getting a new gift, as hers is the only one I hadn't even started. She's getting a modified Promenade bag full of good chocolate, Dove included.
MathMan got me a swift and ballwinder for christmas! Yay! I spent an evening winding all my sock yarns into balls...even the ones already in center pull skeins. I haven't gotten to do anything else yet, but there will be another evening full of Rowanspun 4ply and lots of laceweight. I can hardly wait! I got myself an after holiday prezzie, as well: I am now the proud owner of "Mac & Cheeze," my very own iPod. I just listened to my very first podcast today, three actually, all knitting related. Two bored my socks off, but I won't name any names, however, I am in love with Lime & Violet! I still have a few more to test drive, but I may have spoiled myself by listening to them first.
I want to join a few "alongs." L&V have a Sock Marathon they're doing, and Project Spectrum is doing a 2.0. But tell me people, why does this always have to be flickr!?! I hate flickr with the firey passions of 1000 deaths, but that's all that seems to be used. I have nothing against your choice of flickr, I just detest it. So, until I find an along that doesn't use flickr, I'm going solo.
The only FOs I have since, well, since before Thanksgiving are dishcloths. I was in the Winterwonderland Swap, as evidenced by the previous post. I'm still waiting for my pal to say she got my package, which she should have done days ago, but I understand overstressed and overworked. I made my first miter, and garterlac too! I tried doing a log cabin dishcloth, but that really didn't work out.
The in laws really surprised me this year. Usually they get me strange little offerings from one of their many trips to Istanbul, or Kukamunga, or wherever the heck they go, but this year they got me knitting books. Gads of knitting books. Big Girl Knits, and Stitch and Bitch Nation, and Folk Shawls, and Yarnplay, and Inspired Cable Knits, and Finishing Techniques for Handknitters, and Pursenality Plus, and the all time fave: Mason-Dixon Knitting. I could not believe it. I could not lift it. I was very appreciative, sadly so much so that I knew they could tell the difference between "Thanks for the reindeer leather moccasins from Finland" and "OMG! MDK!!!"But, what the heck, it's all good.
As soon as I find my camera amidst all the chaos that is now my living room (My GOD, did we buy a ToysRUs and move the entire inventory DOWNSTAIRS???) I will post pictures.

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