Monday, March 19, 2007
*&$%#@ Pushers......
And it's not even yarn-y!! I just checked the links for L&V's last podcast....Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. I've just spent hours....HOURS! I was able to narrow it down to just four, but it was oh, so difficult. I wanted to cry every time I removed one from my cart. I had the whole Sin & Salvation line in my cart at one point!
Knitting...yeah, I still do that. I'm making progress on the BMFA sock. Nearing the heel turn, even. I've been using Addi Turbos for the magic loop. I don't love the points, so much, but I do love the joins! If only I could mix different parts of needles together. I've been knitting at such a tight gauge that the Addi tips (which are a tad too long, anyway) are bending!! Eeks!
I'm trying to get together with other knitting moms in the Q, but the first meeting sorta flopped (by no one's fault, truly, but my own.) I did get a massive sunburn taking baby girl through the zoo, though. She loved it! Especially the birdies.

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