Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Last chance...

I'm giving ecto one last chance to win my heart. If this doesn't work it's uninstall city. Does anyone know of another good Blogger posting utility?

MMT is "helping" me type right now, so forgive any errors I miss correcting.

So, I'm a sheep. A joiner. A follower. Have you seen this? Scout's even doing it in the colorway I had her design for me. That's going to look luscious! I've decided I'm going to do it in Lisa Sousa Sock! but I haven't made the final decision on the colors. What do you think?

  • LNV + Printemps
  • LNV + VPR
  • Spumoni + Printemps
  • LNV + What-a-melon

I know I'm definitely ordering VPR, but if it's not in the cut for the scarf, oh well. It's purrrty, and it would look good just hanging on my wall! If I like the pattern enough (which I probably will) I'm going to make the MIL one for Christmas. Hmm, that reminds me - her b-day is coming up soon. Maybe I should finish her purse? It just needs about five minutes of knitting, seaming and lining. Oh, yeah, and a SEVERE blocking. The stitch pattern makes it tilt something fierce.

I'm planning on making the Horcrux socks in my Sunshine yarns Slytherin colorway. Maybe I should finish my Strawberry Quick sock first, though? Plus, I've got another RSC shipment coming in about a week. And I'm determined to actually knit the pattern and color that I'm sent - it's all about new experiences, right? I really don't want to get behind in RSC, but I don't want to wind up with yet another thing on the needles. Maybe I should be knitting and not blogging? Yeah, I think I'll go do that. Maybe MMT will "help" with that too?? :)

Hey - guess what didn't publish.....