Sunday, May 20, 2007
House stuff
Have you seen this??? I want to make one....but I've still got about 3/4 of MathMan's Linux Illusion Scarf to finish. This'll have to wait until that one is done. :/ I would love to be able to wear it to the movie, but there's no way even if I cast on right now. I just don't have that much time to knit.
Speaking of not having the time, here's a picture of what is sucking up my time.Isn't it beautiful?? The driveway was poured about three days ago, but I haven't been back by to take an updated picture. The person buying our house wants to close early - like next Friday early, but both realtors are telling her that is impossible. One of the inspections that needs to happen is being pushed back - not by us, but by the inspectors. There are only three companies servicing the area and they are all extremely busy at the moment. -But- it looks like we may have everything done by the 29th. Only four days off, then we can close on this beauty on the 1st. What a wonderful birthday present! I hope that works out, cause otherwise, my birthday will still be crazy without the gooey new-house center in the middle. :P
Anyways - the reason for the house sucking up all my time is that we're having to make hour and a half trips about every two hours. Packing and storing is a massive time-eater. But the happy is that my parents are loaning us their garage for storage so we don't have to pay storage fees! Yay! The sad? We have a *lot* more stuff than we thought we did.
Well, gotta go pack some more. I will say that as long as I'm not driving, I'm making great headway on the Chevron scarf. It's now almost four feet long, and a great mindless, don't-even-have-to-look-at-it knit for in the car.
ETA - durr. The link of what I want to make...

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