Thursday, May 03, 2007
Stash, in all forms
So, I was a bad girl yesterday. Went into B&N for a look-see since I was in the area. They had Favorite Socks. Now, I've been wanting this book as I'm new enough to knitting that I don't have any of these patterns. So, I decided to grab it. I also saw a stitch dictionary. Very well done and positively LOADED with nifty patterns of all sorts - lace, cables, colorwork, even simple knit and purl patterns. It's called The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. Got it, too. I even saw Sensational Knitted Socks. I looked through it (for the first time) and wanted it bad, but I didn't get it. Showed restraint on the one most likely to help me with designing my own patterns. Go figure. But then, when I was at the counter I noticed a paperback: the next in a series that is a guilty pleasure. I won't cop to the name of the book or the series, but needless to say, it's only about a step up from trashy supermarket romance. Just has a little more woman-power and a little less save-the-damsel-in-distress.
So, socks are irking me lately (except the Sparkle sock) so they are all in time out. I'm knitting the very first thing for MMT - the Hug Me Sweater from Brown Sheep. I'm even using Cotton Fleece, which is a bit splitty but not *too* bad to work with. I like the feel of it. It's going to be in a pretty rosy pink and green, mostly the green. The store only had one skein of the pink in, and as it's such a production to go in, I decided not to wait. They aren't new purchases, probably about three months old, but I dug them out due to the yarn diet I'm imposing on myself after last week's splurge.
I did, however get some fun things for my HSKS swap pal, and she knows who she is. It may not be a secret swap, but by golly, it's going to be a secret package!!!!
So, we are finalizing negotiations on the house!!! I'm so unbelievably excited!!! We're finally getting out!!! The bad - it *won't* be such a production to go to the LYS. The good - it *won't* be such a production to go to the LYS!
In other good news - the girlie now has a front facing seat. I know, just because she meets requirements doesn't mean it's safer for her to sit front, but she DETESTS riding in the car, and the trip home with the front facer was much more pleasant than it usually is. She's not rid of the rear, it will fit her for another ten pounds, and ten inches, and I'm almost positive that the latter will come first.
Also, I'm adding links and saw this. I. Must. Knit.

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Blogger meg said...
We switched Mina to front-facing when she was about 14 months and 23 (I think?) lbs. She liked it sooo much better, and her legs were no longer cramped against the back of the seat. She started noticing things out the window and pointing and talkind during drives - much more entertaining for her and easier on us!
That's a cute watermelon sweater!

Blogger Quail Hill Knits said...
I just received the Favorite Socks book from Barnes and Noble as well. There are some amazing patterns in it. I need to finish a couple of my projects before I get started the first pair though. I remember when I switched Kenny to a forward facing seat. He was so happy to be able to see out the window and it definitely helped with the car ride.