Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Back in the saddle again....
So, radio silence is over (as evidenced by this and the previous post). I've been to Seattle and back, and we're in the new house now (!!yay!!) though *nothing* is unpacked at the moment. Makes for lots of mess!
I saw nifty things in Seattle, and got great souvenir yarns there too. Sadly, I didn't get to meet up with some people I wanted to, but I still managed a good time.
I'll post all about the trip and the yarn later, right now my camera is packed away in the suitcase that needs unpacking (along with the rest of the house.) And my, but there are pictures. Too bad there's no "behind the cut" feature 'cause I'm sure some will be of no interest to anyone but me.
So, my friend's husband has a new camera and was clicking away at anything he thought would be a good picture. He can take a good picture with a crappy camera, too, but it got me thinking. I want to be able to take better pictures, and I've seen some other knitbloggers who say the same thing. So, I'm proposing a ring/blog, kinda like SPT. Basically, every week there will be a "theme" - a word or phrase to interpret and take a picture of. Something like "bars" could be taken as where drinks are served, things holding in prisoners, or chocolate. Get it? And everyone would post their pictures for the week, which would give everyone the chance to check them out and decide what it is about the composition of those pictures that draws you. All in the interest of taking a better picture, since I've found that if I really look at the ones that I like, I can see something that can be applied to my photography. Plus? Makes for a nice little photo scavenger hunt every week. :) So, I think it's going to be a blogger blog (for now) and if anyone interested could leave a comment, or drop me an email, I'll get an invite out to you!

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Blogger Auntly H said...
I'm game for this. It would be a great way to keep up the photography when I return to "real life" in a week or two. ;)

Blogger Tana said...
Ack! Seattle!! I was shopping over there on Saturday. We may have very well walked right past each other on the street! Which yarn store did you visit?

Blogger Tana said...
I just sent this to your email and it sent it back saying "no good". So here it is:

Oh I've heard that Hilltop is a great store. And I say, if mommas can find a child-friendly knitting store - that's great! Some are decidedly "adult only", well, probably most are from what I have experienced, so finding a store like that must be like finding a jewel! We went to Sew Much Yarn in downtown. Really nice store, but kind of expensive. The One Skein lady (Leigh Radford??) was there signing, which I didn't know, so pooh! Otherwise I would have brought my One Skein and had her sign it! And who sells Fleece Artist??? No one! Arg!

I hope that the link to my blog is still there. But in case it isn't - here's my linky:


WP comments don't let you reply either - I have to copy and paste the commenter's email into the "to". (Unless there's a trick I'm unaware of which is entirely possible). And what's weird with your blogger account that I haven't experienced with any other is that it won't let anyone without a google account comment, which means it's always going to kick people to my blogger instead of my real blog at WP. Hmmmm. Who knows? :)