Monday, June 04, 2007
It's done! It's done!!!

weasley V
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::Doin' the happy dance:: ::doin the happy dance::
The Weasley is done!! And that means MMT has a new nickname - Little Miss V! (or LMV for short.) Since "MissMonkeyToes" doesn't really describe her anymore, and there's already a "MissV", LMV it is! So, what does everyone think?
Blogger meg said...
Looks fabulous! I love that color combo. When I was pregnant with my girlie, those were the colors I thought of as "her colors." So cute! (Now that I have her though, I realize she's much more of a jewel-tone girl.)

I like the new nickname too. I wondered what MMT stood for.

Blogger Tana said...
That is adorable.

Blogger GoldieLocs said...
That is so cute. Is that intarsia?

Blogger Patricia said...
Very pretty. You chose such great colors!