Tuesday, June 12, 2007
It's official. We're homeless. As of 10:30 this morning, we signed the papers and surrendered the keys. YEAH!!!!!! We take possession of the new house 9am Friday morning! I'm so excited, I can't sleep.
So what do I do? Why, I'm a knitter. I cast on for another project! I'm working in Lion Brand Microspun, which is the recommended yarn for this particular project. What is it, you ask? Well, here's a little picture from the pattern, since I currently have NO idea where my camera is in the jumble of boxes. I started this outfit (in crochet) in random yarns several times, back when I didn't think there was anything better than Lion Brand, and I didn't understand that *any* yarn could be substituted with *any other* yarn. So, working it again tonight in knit and the right yarn is making me feel like I've come full circle. It's really cute, too, and will be on LMV. So far, I've got bot legs going on the back, and have finished the crotch shaping. I'm using the purple (which on the website does *not* look anything like the yarn,) and I have two balls of contrasting color, but I'm not liking them together. I may go to the store tomorrow and see if I can get one or two more contrasts, depending on if they have anything that will work with what I already have.
The odd thing, as I'm knitting, a thought flashes through my head. I wonder, am I getting gauge? I know, I know. I *should* have swatched. But I didn't. If it's smaller than the written measurements, then it will fit now. If it's bigger, it will fit later. LMV is on the smaller side (she's still fitting into some 9m clothes, at least around. She's a bean sprout, though. Got that from ME!) so sizing is a little off for her. Finding her shoes that fit *and* she can walk in? Near impossible - she's still in size 2 - or three if they have adjustable straps - while most kids her age are in 4 or higher.
So, in a fit of... well, I don't quite know but I was definitely off my rocker, I signed up for Mystery Stole 3. What have I gotten myself into??? I'm hoping it's a way to help me finish a lace project, so everything else is going to be sidelined while I work on this. (Except, of course a fairly mindless traveling project.) I think I may have picked out the yarn - silk in anthracite - and the beads - matte gunmetal - but I'm waiting to place the order until I have an address for them to go to. (I'm not exactly a placing the horse before the cart kind of gal.) Once it gets in I will actually swatch it, beads and all, and decide if the silk will work, or if I want a wool laceweight. So, just in case, does anyone know where I can get a smooth or semi-smooth wool laceweight in black or grey tonal? And, hey, if they have a pale pink tonal, that'd be great too!

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Blogger meg said...
Oh my that silk is pretty! I did not need to see that today (better close the tab NOW!) You could try Sarah's Yarns for solids in wool and wool/silk - they have sooo many colors. I've felt the Jaggerspun Zephyr and it's wonderful, though I haven't actually knit with it. Also I've used laceweight alpaca, which is nice, and Knitpicks has heathery solids in pale grey and pink. I've also ordered it from Briar Rose Fibers - gorgeous colors.

I can't believe LMV's itsy bitsy feet! Mina's in a size 6 already, and actually her Converse high tops (LOVE those!) are getting small. Kiddos grow too fast, don't they? :(