Friday, June 01, 2007
Look, ma!!! A title!!!
Have you seen these? Soo pretty. I *MUST* get these books! Every time I go to the bookstore nor the LYS, I see them. I flip through. I contemplate getting them. I put them back on the shelf. Why?? Why do I do this to myself? Maybe it's because I've dropped mad hints to MathMan that I want them for my birthday. (Which is today. Happy birthday to me.) If He doesn't give them to me, I may go out and get them tomorrow. Right before I make him take me to PoTC3 (he's trying for Shrek3. But 2 didn't end in a cliffhanger, and JOHNNY DEPP!!!!! Hello!!!) We're having dinner with friends tomorrow, after making a trip to the house for a load of stuff. (I still hate moving.) Girlie (who will have a new blog nickname once the sweater is "initialed") is staying with the grandparents during all this. I may ask them for a solo nap as well. MMT has gotten particularly rough when she is sleeping, plus being that close to a little furnace during the unbearable heat is not conducive to good sleep for either of us.
I've been plugging away at Chevron #2, but as I'm only getting about 15 minutes an evening to knit, it's slow going. I'll try to get a picture later today.
I just learned today that cousin J has made his goal for the Aids Life Cycle! Go, C-J! I'll be rooting for you on that loooong ride!
SheepofaDifferentColor has turned me on to this. Possibly the greatest thing on the internet: free, accessible, and it streams fast, too!
I had to run to the store yesterday, and MMT stayed with grandma. When I got back, grandma told me about the heart attack waiting to happen, and MMT showed me her new trick. Repeatedly. She has learned how to climb onto the coffee table. And walk around on it. And even fall off. I love that she is independent and fearless, but she's giving me grey hair!!! It's like the Harlot said, children need to be taught the skills needed as adults (free thinking), not the ones desired by adults (obedience).
So, a few people have asked me about Ravelry. OMG, it's so wonderful! I figured it would just be another site, eh, whatever. But since it's made by techno geeks that knit, and knitters have been putting their input in, it's AMAZING. That's all I can really say that hasn't already been said. From what I understand, they're finishing up the bugs, and it will soon be open to all. I can't wait to see everyone on there! (The only thing I'm not using right now is the "stash" options. Since I just started my StashSheet, I figure I'll get everything into that, and once we move I'll take pictures of everything and get it into Ravelry.)

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Blogger meg said...
Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you have a wonderful night and well-deserved sleep.

OMG I know what you mean about the girlie causing gray hair! In the space of half an hour the other night, I caught Mina as she tumbled from the front porch, and somehow in the process of "saving" her, she sliced her tongue (!!) on the rough wood. I thought she had a sliver in it. Much screaming and blood. Then, within 30 minutes, she choked on a pebble and I had to give her a heimlich, causing one pebble to fly out and another to stay stuck in her throat until she swallowed it. Then, she happily devoured veggie pizza like nothing had happened. Talk about heart attack!

Blogger Sarah said...

Mine is on the 7th :-D We sure do know when to be born, don't we?

Blogger Wendy said...
Happy Birthday! Hope you got "the Book" you wanted.