Tuesday, July 10, 2007
I have pictures of the swap bag from Meg, I have my camera. I even have a finished *pair* of socks, that fit no less!!! I do not, however have the cable to transfer said pictures. So I placate you with this: my podcast review. I've been listening to a lot lately, partly due to MathMan getting me a set up so I can drop my iPod into a player in the kitchen, or the dock upstairs, and partly due to MathMan being asleep and me not wanting to wake him up by turning on the tv. Anyway, on to what's on the iPod.
I'm going to say, even though it will probably get me flamed, or beat up, or whatever, but I don't like Brenda Dayne. There, that's out in the open. Her podcast seems to be loved by all, but it's so monotonous, and contrived, and just plain boring to me. The music is (mostly) horrid, the essays could be interesting if not read so blandly, and it seems the "themes" she uses really rub me wrong. In all, I tried, for quite a while, to like CastOn, but I don't. So there.
However, I'm really digging Sticks and String. He's an Aussie, so the nifty accent works great, and he keeps the show nice and neutral, no political affiliations, no negativity (except for that one show where he was more warning about lack of truth in advertising) and the essays actually have heart and life. There's music, but not much, and it's not *too* bad. I'm finding his older episodes are great subconscious mind diversion while knitting on this mystery stole. I stick that on, and start tuning it out, and while I'm listening I don't have to tink or frog anything. I guess my brain just has too many monkeys running around, but a little something to listen to soothes them right down.
Lime and Violet? Love 'em. Like being at the SnB that I can't go to (toddler + busy restaraunt + loads of people = no thanks) but I'm starting to get behind on the episodes (HORROR!!!) because I actually want to *listen* to them, and no space them out. This mystery stole is taking a lot of time and attention...
Knitters Uncensored. Another in the ranks of Lime and Violet. And Elemm is hi-larious, but in a good, Sideshow Bob sort of way, not Krusty-ish. Hmm, that didn't come out as nicely as I wanted it to. Maybe it's something about listening to men who enjoy knitting. I don't know, am I looking for some sort of hook to get MathMan to pick up sticks, maybe? Regardless, I love listening to these three gab.
Stash and Burn is nice, again with the more than one person, but this one is a bit more structured, and it's not interspersed with music. That's a pet peeve - if I wanted music, I would listen to music. I want a podcast about knitting, not what music they like.
I have the Knitpicks podcast in the lineup, and it's ok, I guess. I still haven't formed a complete opinion about it yet, but it's good distractionary stuff. Her voice is soothing, there's no music, and it's fairly long, which all make for something to distract the monkeys.
That's really it for what I listen to so far. There are several more out there, but either they moved too slowly, or I didn't like the format, or something, so they're not on my list. There are some new ones that I ought to give a listen to, but I'm a bit lazy in the looking for them. I'll get around to it sometime. I guess this just shows that I want to listen to the less "professional" podcasts, and the more "I just stuck a mic in the middle of my friends and started recording" type.
ETA - Durr, I forgot one! I also listen to Dharmafey's Socks in the City, but there were none on the iPod, so I completely forgot about it! I love that all she talks about is socks, there's no music (other than background) and she dyes some yummy yarn! How could I not love someone that dyed a whole line of sock yarn based on my very favorite movie!!!???


Blogger CyanComet said...
You should check out darmafey's podcast she's a gryfindor it's actually really awesome! If you go to the itunes store and look up knitting under the podcast section there are tons! There's even a video podcast!