Thursday, July 12, 2007
I finally have my camera, the cable, and batteries!!! So here are some of the pictures I've been promising. So, without ado, here's my HSKS package from Meg!

That's a great little tote bag (which I'm already taking everywhere) that she sewed up. Not one, not two, but three great sock patterns, and the beaded one? I just had in my cart at TLE the day before and decided to wait! Knitter's ESP! A beaded row counter (helping me keep track of MS3) and stitch markers, SOAK that I can't wait to try, two bars of soap - one for LMV and one for me (I think I'm going to toss the one for me into a stash bag and scent the yarn with it....cinnamon = yum!) A pear scented votive that I can't stop smelling...I want to just bite into it it smells so good! Two tubes of a gaw-geous black seed bead with an "oil-slick" shine, and a package of Bertie Botts. The coup-de-gras? The WoolGirl sock yarn. Sooooo pretty! I managed to forget the new Addi Turbo circ and the Orange Creamsicle (!!) limp balm, but that's because it was already in my pocket being used! I take the tote bag to the park with me every evening with my current "easy" knitting and work while MathMan and LMV play.
I'm currently in design-a-holic mode again. I know, I know. I *need* to actually write up the designs that I've already done. Well, at least the ones that worked. The "different construction" one? didn't work so well. Pooey.
I'm off to try to finish (or more realistically get close to finishing) the second clue of MS3 before the new one comes out!
ETA - oh, yeah, I've got the Seattle pictures. Loads of them, mostly taken out the window of a moving car. Rather than make this a massively picture heavy post, here's a link to the flickr set.

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Blogger meg said...
Yay! I'm so glad it's there and that you like it!