Thursday, July 26, 2007
I'm back, again.
I read the book. I'm happy with it. The in-laws came and went. I'm happy with it. I've been trying to photograph my stash for Ravelry. That's actually going well.
I made a hedgehog! Isn't he cute?
I finally took a picture of what I got from Hilltop yarn in Seattle. From left to right: two different colors of Rowan Summer Tweed (pale pink and pale green), Handmaiden Sea Silk (!!!), and two skeins (for one pair of socks) of ShiBuiKnits Sock in a mulberry-esque semi-solid. None of these have true color names printed on the labels, sorry.
I'm actually taking a break from organizing my computer/sewing/everything else area. What do you think? I think it's coming along well. The area is *huge*, so it will make for a nice sewing area. Combined with the closet:I think I'm going to be happy in the new setup. The closet is (obviously) not full yet. I've apparently got enough fabric alone to more than fill this thing top to bottom. So I'm going to work through what I've got first before I start unpacking too much more of the fabric. I have a *LOT* of quilting fabrics. However - I learned a long time ago that I don't like quilting. Sewing, yes. Quilting, no. So unless I can come up with something to make out of the quilting fabrics, I will probably destash those. If you (or anyone you know) like quilting - let me know and I'll photograph what I've got to go and let you take a look.
I also got myself a new camera - I LOVE it!!!! Of course I had to research before I got it, but I already had a Fuji, so the idea of being able to use my same memory cards made me happy, and the only really bad things were said by pro photographers who thought that an entry level camera should be the same quality as a pro camera. So I got it. Yay me! And thank you to the in-laws for giving me the gift certificate that paid for almost all of this thing!
Well, I'm off to deal with organizing the huge pile'o'yarn that is sitting here next to me. But how happy making is it to see a pile of this? (The boxes are DVDs waiting to be unpacked - yarn takes precedence, and I got the boxes from a liquor store before we were moving.)

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