Monday, July 16, 2007
Put down the needles and step away from the laceweight.....
ETA - I'll fix the formatting later, it's time for our walk to the park!
Disaster struck. I knew that I had wound the MS3 yarn into too tight of a ball, but I soldiered on anyways. Well, last night I tried to tug a bit more out to knit with, and got more than I bargained for. At the time, I simply set it aside and went to sleep, then today I brought it downstairs to try to work on between laundry loads. I thought about taking a picture of the carnage, as well as my tools for dealing with it (Dr Pepper, an iPod and a big bag of Dove chocolates) but I didn't want to document the Misery. (Note the capitalization.) I did however, take a picture of the aftermath:That's a huge chunk of yarn that I just didn't feel like trying to untangle. Spit-splicing is your friend!
I also took pictures of the "good" part of the stash. I came across some yarn I got from an unnamed* vendor. 10/2 tencel. I ask you, do these pictures look alike?

The one on the left is what the vendor had on etsy. The one on the right is what I received. I understand, and accept that one is reskeined and one isn't, I also accept lighting differences (mine has no true green, only a teal that looks slightly green in a photo) but neither accounts for the fact that what I got is nowhere near what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty, just not the green with small random bits of blue and purple. After I took my pictures, I balled it up to see if it could look better. Still looked like a rainbow mix. I've also heard lots about this vendor's yarns bleeding out very badly, so I decided to soak it to see what I would get. This:
Can you see the yarn in there? No? Let's try another view, shall we?
(Note the lovely ballband dishcloth. That was from my Winterwonderland Swap pal.) The water was so black it stained my hands, even. I was actually hoping for this, hoping that the darker colors would bleed into the lighter ones and make a more even color. All they did was fade and make the yellow look dingy. Don't get me wrong, the yarn is still beautiful, but not what I wanted. Oh, yeah, and while I was winding into a ball, I lost a good twenty yards to a HUGE knot. I'm swearing off the laceweight for today, I don't want to have to rip the MS3!!!
*mostly because the vendor has a tendency to google themselves and badmouth anyone who talks about their bad experience. Email me if you want to be warned.

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Blogger CyanComet said...
I just wanted to let you know that we are still waiting for your needles to come in and that we may be late getting it sent out so if so I'm sorry now but we'll gewt it in the owl post as soon as possible!

Blogger Dixie said...
Wow, wow, wow. Did you buy that recently? I thought Etsy had shut them down because of this kind of thing. I got that same yarn but in a different colorway. It was so gross looking. I haven't even tried washing it yet. It has a lot of black, so I can only imagine.