Friday, August 31, 2007
Ravelry is eating my brain...

Seriously.  I cannot tear myself away.  My queue has grown exponentially over the last few days.  I’m trying to get the jump on the holiday rush.  Unfortunately?  Those socks that I mentioned starting in the last post?  The ones for my grandfather?  Yeah.  I finished them.  *Then* I cound out he doesn’t wear a 9.5.  He wears an 11 wide.  11 WIDE.  I need some sportweight.  At least I have another pair of socks ready for my dad.  I have a friend with a wool allergy and I’m looking for something to make for her.  I’m thinking maybe the Clementine Shawlette from…well, from one of the more recent IKs, in some SeaSilk.  But not *my* SeaSilk.  That’s my Seattle souvenir.  Plus it needs to be a purple color for her. 

I have my camera.  I have some pictures. I do not, however, have my cable available at hand, and I’m feeling a mite lazy this morning…er, afternoon.  So pictures will come later.

I’m off to watch Dr Who.  I’ve just got the first season from Netflix (the new Who) and I’m in love.  MathMan has a friend who is a ig fan, and he burned me discs of season 2 and 3 as well as Torchwood.  I’ve started third season already, too.  Oh, and that Dalek amigurimi?  Yeah.  Gonna have to make one.

Blogger Ellen said...
I used to be able to watch Torchwood via. YouTube but they appear to have been taken down. I'll just have to wait for the boxed set to hit the stores. Enjoy!