Friday, December 14, 2007
Busy time of year
Wow. Dude. October. I'm not dead, really.
Sometimes I wish I could blog from a direct link to my head. I mean, it's not that I don't have things to say, it's just that I either don't have the time to say it or I get distracted (read: ditzy) and forget. And pictures? I've got pictures from going on two months that need to be uploaded, not just knitting either. Kidlet pictures that need to be added to her photo archives. See what I mean? Distracted.
I've been trying to design something, but it's slow going. I finished all the holiday socks, with more than enough time to spare, and now I'm just kinda working on other stuff. I made little girl a "gansey." (just a drop shoulder sweater with patterning on the upper half, not a true gansey.) She seems to like it, and it looks great with her kilt. I've got a pair of socks otn out of Dharmafey's Sir Didymus colorway. It works great - no pooling and really looks like the little guy! I'm knitting the last row of a pair of FT felted clogs for my mom, then I start on a hat for a friend to go snowboarding with. She's always used a store-bought hat (read: plastic) and was talking to me about how her ears were still cold in the hat. So I'm going to make her one. I asked her what she wants, and we sat down to browse Ravelry together. We've worked out that she wants pink and blue (pink to match her board, and blue to match her jacket, plus I'm adding black for contrast,) a beanie, with ponytail holes and a small brim. I've decided that the best way to make a really warm multicolor hat is to strand. So I'm going to do a basic stranded pattern, out of a superwash wool/mohair blend yarn, and I'm going to finish it completely, then steek for the pigtail holes, and knit a little tube for them to stick out. Now, let's see if I can get this done before she goes boarding this year. Wish me luck!
What is everyone else working on?


Blogger Patricia said...
Welcome back and have a wonderful holiday.