Sunday, January 06, 2008
Happy New year (Yeah, I'm on the ball....)
So, the first FO of the new year was a pair of Dashing for MathMan, at about 1am on the first. Talk about starting the year off right!
They look so deflated when they're not on!
Since the last post, I've also made a pair of Rose's Wristwarmers,
shameless fangirl knitting
finally taken a picture of MissV's kilt sweater,

begun a pair of fleegle's seamless baby booties for a baby that was born mid-December,

cast on for the Marvelous Mitts,

and knit up an entire skein of KP Gossamer that MathMan gifted me (It's an EZ Pi shawl, up to the sixth round of 576 stitches.)

I have another skein of the same to add to this thing, but I'm not sure how to calculate the yardage requirements for the knitted on border I'm doing, so it's on hold. Yes, I agree - I dislike the colors, but MathMan gifted the yarn to me, and the best way to say "I like this gift, get me more" is to use it. I may overdye it green when it's all done, we'll see.

Oh, did I mention that I've been to the LYS three times in the last month, and every time I go I grab a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock? They got several "Lottery" colors in, and I fell in love with most of them! I'm already addicted to CTH sock yarn, slap a label on that says I may not get another chance at it, and you've got me hooked. I just wish I knew the names of these colors! (The CTH is the variegated, the solid is Louet Gems Fingering. These two are planned for the Handpainted Gloves once I finish the Mitts, which are done with the other half of the same skein.)
I haven't done much on those socks from last time. They're mainly for car/waiting room knitting now since they're plain stockinette, and I haven't done much of either lately. Huh, I just checked. I must've thought I blogged them - so here's a picture.

Sorry if I broke anyone's computer due to the excess of images. Just trying to catch myself up, next time won't be so bad (provided I keep caught up.)

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