Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Winter Blues

This winter?  Really starting to get to me.  If I have to make one more *casserole* or *roast* I'm going to scream.  We never go out in the winter, especially since we don't want MissV getting sick, and the bloody grill isn't working even if we did use it during the months of "go outside and freeze in two seconds flat."  I've been getting into a real down slump, and I'm sick of it.  I want to be able to go on walks during the day (I did yesterday, but I feel really bad - I really bundled MissV up and she still had a nasty fever last night and a yucky cough today.)  I want to go to the park in the evening.  I want to get out!!!  What do you do to keep the endless winter blues away?  Recipes?  Activities?  Books?  ANYTHING!?!

I got some yarn in today.  I ordered from Etsy, I was sorely tempted by the $4.00/skein price tag.  I didn't get a single letter from the seller, but she did refund my overpayment on shipping, so I was going to let it slide.  Dude, seriously, I could have driven to get it for cheaper than the shipping I paid.  WTH!?  And the color?  Not as pictured - prettier, but still not as pictured.  I ordered it mostly as a test, since there's a bit of controversy going on with it (which is why I'm not mentioning names...) and the only thing I can say is that the shipping is too fast to be what it is thought to be.  Otherwise?  Twins.  Seriously. 

I've been working almost solely on a log cabin blanket for MissV out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece  (random colors) and the Marvelous Mitts (they will NEVER fit me, but they do fit my friend T.)  I'm not seeing the end of either - one is large and brainless, the other requires more attention than I can give it most days (the terrible twos have hit full force, and she's not even two yet!)  Well, the same two projects were getting a bit relentless, and what with the endless winter downers (see first paragraph) I was feeling the need to *finish* something, and QUICK!  So I whipped up a quick Calorimetry for MissV and myself last night (sorry, no pictures due to sad, pathetic lack of light from dreary winter sky.)  I feel a little better, but the thought of all the garter stitch waiting for me upstairs is enough to make me cringe.  I'll slog through, though.  Cause I know if I don't, it will forever be a UFO.  Well, I'm going to sign off now, before I use another parenthesis. 

Blogger meg said...
Oh, pretty! That blanket looks bright and cheery. Those are great photos.

I know what you mean about the winter blues. Ugh. We try to get out as much as we can, even if it's just a trip into the pet store to look at fish and pet bunnies. My girlie has only been sick a couple of times in her life, so I don't worry about being outdoors as long as the windchill isn't too bad and the sky isn't dumping too much water. The park can be nice on the few sunny days we get this time of year. At home, we try new things like homemade play dough and new recipes. M has fun helping make things like pancakes and pizza.

Have fun with the 2's...they can be both terrible and amazing! It's so fun to watch the new things she'll do and say every day. :)

Blogger Patricia said...
Are you sure those colors are random? They look handpicked! Beautiful.