Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I was winding a ball of Seasilk for the Clementine Shawlette (seems like good plane knitting) when something happened. I kept repeating something in my head, and realized it sounded very much like haiku. So, I give you - my first haiku:
my precious SeaSilk
why oh why did you tangle
in the gears like that
No, there are no pictures of that debacle. The skein survived, but it wasn't a pretty sight to behold.
I'm going to Phoenix tomorrow. Was going to go to the Renaissance Faire, but life and poor scheduling got in the way. So Ikea, yummy LYSs, and a trip to the zoo will have to suffice.
I finished Marvelous Mitt #1 - blocked and everything. It's so pretty! Also? The Log Cabin is growing. Slowly, though, as a certain little girl has hijacked it. I have to wait until she's asleep to work on it, otherwise she grabs it and starts saying "Mine. Soft. Have it." Several of the blocks had their sizes determined by that phrase. I just get a kick outta the fact that she likes it!
I've also finished one of the two Chevron Scarves I started so long ago - the purple-y one out of CTH. It's not my colors, so I don't know what I'll do with it, but someone will likely get it. Since the needles are now freed up, the happy colorful Koigu one is now on them. I also whipped up a quick pair of fingerless mitts for MathMan's co-worker. She gave us a computer (a nice one!) that only needed a hard drive (of which we had two we installed) just for MissV. Well, she's also a knitter, she works at a computer most of the day, and she's always complaining that she's cold, so fingerless mitts seemed the obvious choice. I used a little less than half the ball of Trekking XXL I've had around for over a year now. It's so nice to stash dive and finally find the perfect application for yarn that had been frogged one too many times to like anymore.

Blogger meg said...
Pretty! The mitt and the scarf! I've been wanting to do that Marvelous Mitts pattern and eyeing my stash for yarn, but I think I'm going to do the Anemoi Mittens first, the ones I meant to do a year ago. How long did that one take you?

Blogger Knitting Bandit said...
Are you seriously saying that these gorgeouse mitts were a quick knit? I am drooling over them & anticipating to the day I learn to knit like that!